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2017 National Finals - Final Results
16U Girls

  1. Calgary Renegades
  2. CAMO
  3. Dollard Black
  4. Saskatchewan

16U Boys

  1. Mavericks Black
  2. Pacific Storm
  3. Montreal Machine
  4. Saskatchewan

19U Women

  1. CAMO
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Fraser Valley
  4. Saint-Lambert

19U Men

  1. CAMO
  2. Pacific Storm
  3. Calgary Torpedoes
  4. Toronto Golden Jets

Individual Awards

16U Girls

Most Valuable Coach : Sandra Lizé, CAMO
Most Valuable Goalie : Anna Kosloski, Calgary Renegades
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Emmanuelle Laflamme, Dollard
Most Valuable Player: Allison Cameron, Calgary Renegades

16 Boys

Most Valuable Coach: Danko Bjelica, Mavericks
Most Valuable Goalie: Matej Mandic, Mavericks
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Maxwell MacMillan, Pacific Storm
Most Valuable Player: Kyril Marinov, Mavericks

19U Women

Most Valuable Coach: Alexandre Pratte, CAMO
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Adrien Van Dyke, Saskatchewan
Most Valuable Goalie & Most Valuable Player: Clara Vulpisi, CAMO

19U Men

Most Valuable Coach: Robert Couillard, CAMO
Most Valuable Goalie : Alex Veljovic, Calgary Torpedoes
Most Valuable Defensive Player: Mark Spooner, Pacific Storm
Most Valuable Player: Benjamin Lemay- Lavoie, CAMO


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