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Water Polo Canada wants to acknowledge the exceptional contribution of its outgoing President, Conrad Hadubiak

With only a few days to go before its Annual General Meeting of June 13, Water Polo Canada wants to acknowledge the exceptional contribution of its soon-to-be past president, Conrad Hadubiak, to the vitality and renewal of Canadian water polo.

Engaged with the organization for the past 12 years, and 8 as President, Conrad led our organization with skill and a steady presence throughout some of the most challenging years of its history. A precursor of the movement that has seen the Canadian sports world establish new safe sport behaviour, he acted as an efficient leader and a visionary for WPC.

According to Martin Goulet, Executive Director of Water Polo Canada, the quality of the leadership during all of Conrad presidency was exceptional: “He was a rock for the organization; a constant positive force rarely seen in the sports world, he has displayed an unwavering focus and has provided great efficiency behind the scenes. In all my years of involvement in the Canadian Olympic sports environment, I have rarely seen someone as in control of his files especially those related to the safe sport issues. His contribution was exceptional throughout his four mandates as President.

A lawyer by profession that has had tremendous success in his career, Conrad has always wanted to give back to his community in Regina. First, as a volunteer in the activities in which his children were involved, he later joined the Board of Directors of Water Polo Saskatchewan and then afterward, in 2009, the Board of Directors of Water Polo Canada.

This passionate lover of all things’ sports, of his Montreal Canadiens and of Water Polo Canada and its athletes, has been a guide and a lighthouse for the National Federation. His mastery of governance issues, his understanding of the Canadian sports system and what he has offered in terms of leadership render him able to depart at a time when the organization is renewing with international success with the qualification of the Women’s Team for the Olympics this summer in Tokyo.

“Throughout his mandate, I always felt that Conrad was with us for the right reasons. He was always looking to do what was best for the organization and the athletes. I have tremendous admiration for the person and the professional that he has been for us. On a more personal note, I would like to add that, under his leadership, staff always felt highly respected and supported. He will be missed!” said Martin Goulet.

All the members of the organization would like, again, to sincerely say thank you to Conrad for his exceptional contribution to Water Polo Canada during his twelve years with us. We also wish him good luck with his new endeavours.



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