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Rule update to WP 5.5 
WP 5.5 Players shall not have grease, oil or any similar substance on the body. If a referee ascertains before the start of play that such a substance has been used, he shall order it to be removed immediately. The start of play shall not be delayed for the substance to be removed. If the offence is detected after the play has started, the offending player shall be excluded from the remainder of the game and a substitute permitted to enter the field of play immediately from the re-entry area nearest to his own goal line.  
Concerning WP 5.5. : THE USE OF ANTI-SLIP ON THE PALM OF THE HANDS has to be judged / applied in the spirit of this rule (where grease and oil are mentioned). It is a substance to gain advantage during the game and therefor shall not be permitted.
NCL Rule 2.3.2 Exemption  - February 6th, 2019
NCL Rule 2.3.7 Exemption - February 6th, 2019




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